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Established in 1937, Seymour Health Centre is British Columbia’s largest community-based medical clinic. With two convenient locations in central Vancouver, its modern medical facilities are currently staffed by a friendly team of over 80 physicians (GPs and specialists) as well as Nurse Practitioners; RNs; LPNs; and allied health staff. In addition, Seymour is fully equipped with state-of-the-art in-house Laboratory, Diagnostic Imaging, and Pharmacy facilities. Seymour ensures that all management and administrative needs are met so our physicians can focus on what they love to do - delivering the highest standard of patient care. 


Seymour Health Centre offers a truly unique experience for physicians looking to focus on what they do best: caring for their patients. Our state-of-the-art equipment, combined with excellence in physician knowledge, training and experience, enables the delivery of the best quality care around. 

Seymour Health Centre has a dedicated in-house support system and infrastructure to make physicians' lives easier. These features include:

Seymour currently operates two state of the art medical centres in Vancouver:

Seymour Health Centre at 1290 Hornby Street

  • New 31,500 square foot facility. 
  • Comprised of 64 fully-equipped exam rooms; nursing station; treatment room for minor surgeries and a 3-bed sleep lab for level 1 studies. 
  • Modern in-house Laboratory; Diagnostic Imaging (X-Ray, Ultrasound, ECG); and Pharmacy. 
  • On the main floor is an Urgent Primary Care Centre, which Seymour operates on behalf of Vancouver Coastal Health Authority. 

Seymour Health Centre at 1530 West 7th Avenue

  • Modern 18,000 square foot facility. 
  • Fully-equipped exam rooms; nursing station; and treatment room for minor surgeries 
  • Access to on-site Laboratory and Pharmacy. 

We offer an attractive and competitive split on a fee-for-service basis. For those who are interested, the option of the APP funding model is available. We also offer supports to maximize workflow, efficiency, and billing; EMR training by a physician champion, and an in-house IT team. 

Our leadership and management team pride themselves in their non-hierarchical approach to governance. 



Will I have a nurse?

Seymour Health Centre provides nurses and lab techs. The staffing numbers are determined by the manager in each clinic and depend on both the number of doctors and the volume of patients being seen.

How many patients will I be expected to see on a walk-in shift?

You will determine how many patients you are comfortable treating in a given time frame. Seymour Health Centre does not tell physicians how many patients they are expected to see.

If I order a test, who will review the results if I am not there?

Walk-in physicians review the results that come in during his or her shift, and each clinic has procedures to ensure that test results are reviewed and followed up on.

I don’t know the specialists in Vancouver - do you have a list?

The doctors indicate the type of referral required and the staff will refer to one of the specialists in the clinic. If you want to refer to a specific physician, you can do so.

I have my licence but not my OHIP/AHCIP/MSP billing number - when can I start practising?

You can start as soon as you have your licence and have applied for your billing number. We will not be able to submit your billing until you have your number.

What does Seymour Health Centre do for doctors?

Seymour Health Centre provides the facilities, staff, equipment and supplies all the administration required by a family medical clinic so that physicians can focus on practicing medicine. Seymour Health Centre also takes care of all billing submissions.

Is Seymour Health Centre a private healthcare facility?

No, Seymour Health Centre’s services are all publicly covered by the province’s Medical Services Plan (MSP).

What is the length of the agreement with Seymour Health Centre?

There is no minimum contract period.

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  • Registered nursing support 
  • An in-house IT support team 
  • Accounting services and dedicated billing clerks 
  • Medical Office Assistants 
  • Competitive Split (fee for service physicians available) 
  • Collegial support and mentorship 
  • Open door leadership

What other support is offered?

Seymour Health Centre provides dedicated in-house support for physicians, including access to all staff such as MOAs, an IT infrastructure and support team, dedicated billing clerks to minimize the time doctors spend on paperwork, a competitive split and the advantage of fee-for-service physician availability.